5 Reasons Beards Are Good For Your Health

Contrary to popular belief, having a full beard is good for your health!

Once you decide to grow and maintain your beard, it becomes part of your style and personality. In addition to being a strong physical attraction for females and looking more manly, there are some benefits to growing facial hair. The facts are scientifically proven: a big Viking beard can do wonders for your overall health!

Find out how the five reasons why beards are good for you and why you should start growing your own today!

1. Reduce skin infections

Every time you shave, you are sanding your face like sandpaper on a piece of wood. On top of all of those nicks and scratches, you could cause rashes and ingrown hairs. These painful ingrown hairs result from shaving the razor and can lead to infections and redness all over the face and neck.

When you start to grow your beard and stop shaving, the reign of ingrown hairs is a thing of the past.

2. Slow down the aging process of the skin

How To Maintain Your Beard With Coconut Oil How To Maintain Your Beard With Coconut OilEvery day you spend outside in the sun, harmful UV rays damage your skin.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to aging of the skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, making your face look older than it is.

When you grow a beard, these facial hairs block up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays. Having a beard is similar to walking around all day with a thick SPF 30 lotion on your face.

An added benefit of facial hair is that you significantly reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

3. Protect your skin in winter

Exposure to the cold, dry winds of winter can not only cool you to the bone but also dry your face.

Bare skin exposed to freezing temperatures can cause unsightly red spots and even cause rashes.

When you wear a thick beard in winter, the bristles provide an extra layer of protection for your skin and keep your face warmer on colder days.

4. Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

How beard oil can help protect your beard this winter How beard oil can help protect your beard this winter When pollen and allergens abound in the atmosphere, your beard can help reduce symptoms associated with asthma and specific allergies. You suck these allergens into your respiratory system every day, posing a severe risk of infection.

The beard will act as a filter in your body, filtering out these microscopic particles and keeping them trapped in your beard rather than inside your lungs.

A sort of the first bulwark!

5. Retain natural oils in your face

Have a healthier beard The skin around your neck and face produces essential oils that help keep the area hydrated.

When you are clean-shaven, washing with soap every day, you remove the natural oils that work to keep your face healthy and hydrated.

Growing a beard will allow the skin to retain all these natural oils for a long time.