Are beard kits worth it?

Beards aren't just for lumberjacks anymore. They're in fashion, and they can help you look more professional or put together than someone without one. But beards are tricky to maintain, and keeping them looking their best requires a bit of knowledge about how they work. That's why we recommend starting out with a beard kit that has everything you need to make sure that your beard is always looking its best. So what is a beard kit? And how do you know if it's worth it or not? We're here to help!

Beard oils are important.

A beard oil is probably the most useful tool you can have in your grooming kit, as it has a number of benefits for both hair and skin. For starters, it helps to tame flyaway hairs so that your beard looks neat when styled. Your face can also benefit from regular application of a moisturising and conditioning beard oil, which helps reduce itching and dryness. It's even been shown to help with dandruff!

A good quality beard oil will be made with natural ingredients that nourish the hair shafts while controlling frizziness without weighing down your facial hair (we don't want to look like we've just dipped our face in Crisco). We recommend using a jojoba-based product if possible--this type contains vitamin E oils which are great for improving elasticity and preventing breakage over time by strengthening each strand of hair follicle at its root level as well as preventing split ends from forming around its edges--but there are other options available depending on what suits your needs best (for example: coconut oil is great for curly bearded men who need extra moisture).

Beard shampoos are important.

>In addition to the beard oil, there are a few other products you should have in your arsenal. Beard shampoos are important for keeping your beard clean and smelling nice. They can also reduce dandruff and itchiness, as well as help keep acne at bay.

Beard combs and brushes are important.

You might be wondering why a comb is needed for your beard when you have a brush for the hair on your head. While there are many similarities between combs and brushes, their functions remain distinct. Beard combs are used to remove tangles and knots from your beard. The bristles of a comb may be flexible or stiff, depending on what type of hair you have and how coarse it is overall. Some combs come with rounded edges or beveled tips to prevent snagging on your face or neck as well as protect against breakage.

Brushes come in different shapes, sizes and materials—you can find everything from boar bristle brushes to paddle brushes that work wonders at distributing oil and conditioner evenly through all areas of the beard (not just those pesky flyaways!). Choosing one comes down to personal preference; choose what feels right in your hands!

Beard balms and waxes are important.

Beard oils and balms are great, but they won't do much for the look of your beard. If you want to style your hair and make it look good, you're going to need some waxes and balms in your life.

We've talked a lot about how important beard care products are. They keep your skin healthy and prevent ingrown hairs, and they can even help grow thick facial hair faster than without them! But when it comes time for styling, the best thing about them is that they give our faces more shape.

Waxes come in many different textures: from hard paste to soft cream, there's something out there for every type of beard (and personality). They're usually easy enough to apply with a little practice—you just rub them between two fingers until they melt a bit before applying them directly onto areas where you want more definition or hold power (like under the chin or along cheek lines). You may need an extra hand if this seems too complicated or if you don’t have someone else around who can help hold things steady while you work!

Beard scissors and trimmers are important.

While you can use scissors to trim and shape your beard, they're most effective on longer beards. The blades are usually not sharp enough to cut through a shorter beard, so a trimmer is better suited for shorter lengths of facial hair.

How to determine whether a beard kit is worth it or not?

Consider your beard type. Before you invest in a kit, it is important to know the type of beard you have and the length at which you want it to grow. If you have a lot of facial hair growth but only want to trim it every two weeks or so, then buying a kit may be unnecessary. A good rule of thumb is that if there are four different products included in your kit (shampoo/conditioner, oil, balm and butter), then these are items that should be used on an ongoing basis.

If you're looking for something more high-end with more exotic ingredients like avocado oil or argan oil for example - those are going to cost more money because those oils aren't cheap and they're harder for manufacturers to get their hands on than other ingredients such as jojoba oil or coconut oil). These kinds of products can run from $15-$20 per ounce depending on how much product is included in each bottle as well as what kind of container they come in (glass vs plastic). That's why sometimes buying one bottle rather than five bottles might save some money if all else being equal between brands/products themselves being equal quality wise etcetera."

There's a lot to consider when buying beard products, but if you need everything, a kit might be the way to go.

If you're in the market for a kit, there are several things to consider before making your purchase. For starters, do you want a specific product or brand? If so, it might be best to buy directly from them instead of going with a kit. For example, if you want beard oil and balm but only want one brand's products in your kit, go with their individual products instead of buying a pre-made set.

Another thing to think about is whether or not this is the first time that you'll be wearing facial hair (or growing out your current one). If this is the case then starting small may be better than going all out with an expensive beard care system from day one—you can always add more later on down the road!


In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you have a lot of facial hair and are looking for products that will help you keep it under control, then a kit might be worth the investment. They typically have everything you need in one convenient package at an affordable price point. But if all you need is some beard oil and conditioner, then maybe just buying those two items separately would be better for your budget (and your bathroom counter).