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We love beards at Beard Oils. We know how to look after them and we've been doing it for years. Our products are made with natural ingredients, free of chemicals and artificial fragrances. We've been making beard oils in Galway, Ireland since 2012 and are proud to be one of the few Irish companies that actually makes everything ourselves in our own factory and laboratory. Our products have won awards all over the world, including Best Men's Grooming Product at The Grooming Awards 2018!

Beard Oils

Beard oils are a great way to keep your beard looking great and feeling healthy. Our beard oil is made with natural ingredients including jojoba, cedarwood, calendula and lime essential oils. Beard oil can help with beard growth, itchiness and dandruff in addition to making your beard smell nice.

Beard oil will soften the hair and provide moisture to keep it from drying out. It also contains ingredients that help stimulate beard growth, including jojoba and argan oils.

Our beard oil is unscented, which means it won’t interfere with the scents you put on your body or in your beard. It also means there are no artificial ingredients added to our product. We use only natural essential oils and carrier oils to create a pure and natural product that will help keep your skin soft and healthy while also nourishing your beard.

Beard Balms

Beard Balms are a great way to maintain your beard. They're easy to use, won't leave your hair feeling oily and they smell great!

Beard Balms are made from natural ingredients, so they're good for you and the environment. They also help protect the skin underneath your beard so it can recover faster after shaving or trimming.

They’re also great for protecting your beard from the elements. If you're going through a particularly harsh winter, a balm can help seal in moisture and protect your skin from cracking or flaking.


Moisturisers can be used in the beard, moustache and even the hair. However, because of the nature of this product it’s recommended that you only apply moisturiser to areas where you do not have facial hair. It should also be pointed out that if you choose to use a moisturiser for your skin then it should not be applied to your face or neck at all as this can cause irritation which may lead to acne breakouts.

Maintaining healthy skin is a key part of having a great looking beard and keeping dryness at bay will help with this process immensely. Moisturisers will also help keep ingrown hairs away as well as being an excellent way of treating any redness or irritation caused by shaving too close – we’ve all been there!

Gift Sets

If you're looking for a gift set that's perfect for any man who wants to look after his beard, then we have just the thing. Our range of products includes a selection of our most popular and effective beard oil and balm options, as well as some pampering accessories to keep your face looking good. The gift sets are available in 4 different ranges (Original, Premium, Luxury and Immaculate) so there's something for every budget and level of luxury. These sets make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas, or just because you know someone is going to love them!

The Original Beard Company gift sets are perfect for the man who wants a set of products that will help him to look after his beard, but doesn't want anything too fancy. The sets contain our best-selling beard oil and balm options, as well as some handy extras such as a grooming comb and scissors.

Natural beard products made in Galway, Ireland.

Our products are handmade in Ireland using only the finest organic ingredients and essential oils. We do not use or sell any animal by-products, parabens, sulphates, silicones or other harmful chemicals. Each product is hand blended with love in Galway city, Ireland to ensure you get the best results possible. We have a no animal testing policy so we never test on animals at all!

All of our products are hand blended and packaged in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. All ingredients are ethically sourced from fair trade suppliers, organic farms or wild crafted where possible. We only use cruelty free ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts and pure plant butters.


We hope you have enjoyed our article about beard products and it has inspired you to look for the best beard care products. You can find more information about Beard Care Products on our website here.