Do beards make you look older or younger?

The age of a man can be determined by many factors including the shape of his face and body. It is commonly thought that having a full beard can make you look older, but this is not always the case. Facial hair can give the impression of a larger jaw which makes your face look younger. Having a beard as you get older will help restore your looks, however, some studies have shown that full beards do make men look older than they really are

Some studies have shown that full beards can make people look older.

The answer is, it depends on the beard. A full beard can make you look older because it gives the impression of a larger jaw and therefore makes your face look wider. However, if your beard is well-groomed and well-kept, then it will actually make you look younger than someone who doesn't have facial hair at all.

Studies have been done to prove this theory: one study took two photos of men with similar facial features—one clean-shaven, one with a goatee—and asked participants to choose which image they thought was more youthful or mature. Most participants chose either option based on their own personal preferences rather than any actual differences in appearance between the two photos or models; however, when asked if they could see any physical differences between them at all (even if they didn't think those would make someone seem older or younger), most people noticed that one man's chin was slightly broader than the other's face shape (which gave him an older appearance).

Facial hair can give the impression of a larger jaw 

Facial hair can give the impression of a larger jaw and this can make you look younger.

The main feature that determines your age is the size of your face and its shape. The bigger your face, the older it appears to be; however, having a beard will help hide some of these features. Facial hair fills in around your cheeks, mouth and chin giving them more volume which therefore makes them appear smaller. If a man has a large jaw then having facial hair that extends down as far as possible will help disguise it by creating more shadow on his face overall making him seem less square-shaped than he actually is!

Having a beard as you get older can help restore your looks.

Here are some of the ways a beard can make you look:

  • Younger. Some men who don't want to grow a beard but want to look younger, or just have the youthful faces and beards together, might opt for a light stubble around their chin and cheeks. This is often done by men in their 20s and 30s who want to appear more youthful without looking too boyish or immature.

  • Older. As we age our hair loses its pigment, leaving us with white or grey strands that stand out against darker skin tones as well as bright colours like yellow and red (such as those found in facial hair). So if you're an older man who's sporting grey hairs on your chin but still wants them covered up with some lengthier facial hair, consider growing out your beard so that it conceals these greying whiskers! It'll also keep the face looking more mature once they've been concealed by downy softness--which brings me back to my original point: beards can make you look older!

Beards can improve your confidence which helps you look younger.

Beards can be a great way to improve your confidence, which in turn makes you look younger. A confident person exudes an air of maturity, so it's no surprise that those with beards are perceived as older than their clean-shaven counterparts. Confidence is attractive because it implies stability and success; however, this isn't always the case when it comes to facial hair. Some men with thick beards may have to shave twice a day or more just to maintain them properly. This constant shaving can lead some people to believe they are less confident than their clean-cut peers who don't have such high maintenance grooming routines.

Having a beard will make you look more mature

Most men will look older with a beard. For example, if you're in your early 20s and have a full beard, people might think that you're in your 40s or 50s. But again, this isn't going to age them by much.

This is because although beards are known for their aging properties on the face (i.e., they make guys look more mature), they don't actually cause wrinkles or lines as much anymore due to our increased understanding of men's hygiene and grooming habits over the last few decades.

Look after your beard regularly 

In the end, whether or not a beard makes you look older or younger depends on how you wear it and donor care for it. If you’re looking to grow out your beard, remember that the healthiest and most attractive facial hair is soft and smooth—and the best way to achieve this is by taking good care of it. To keep your beard looking its best, always use a high-quality conditioner (like Grooming Lounge’s Lemon Sage Conditioner) after shampooing to make sure that all of those new hairs are hydrated and healthy. This will also make them easier to style!


In the end, whether or not a beard makes you look older or younger depends on how you wear it and donor care for it. If you’re worried about your appearance, then maybe now is the time for you to grow out your facial hair and see what happens!