Does beard oil actually help growth?

Beard oil is a big deal. It's not just for show; it actually helps grow your beard. But you might have questions: Do they work? How do they work? And what else can they do besides help you grow that glorious mane? We're here to answer all of those questions, plus more. Read on to learn everything there is to know about beard oil and how it can help you achieve your best facial hair ever!

Science for the beard

Beard oil is a blend of different types of oils. The most common ones you'll find in beard oils are jojoba, argan, coconut and flaxseed. Each one has its own unique benefits for your skin and hair.

Jojoba oil: This has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine treatment because it has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce itchiness or dryness in the skin (1). It's also absorbed easily into the skin without clogging pores (2).

Argan oil: This ingredient contains vitamin E which can help protect your beard from getting brittle or dry by repairing damaged follicles (3). It also contains fatty acids that moisturise skin cells to keep them healthy (4).

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is one of the best natural moisturisers around because it contains long-chain triglycerides which can penetrate deep into hair follicles where they form a protective barrier against damage caused by UV rays or free radicals (5)

Now that we know a little more about the chemistry, how does beard oil actually work?

The primary function of beard oil is to moisturise your skin and make it softer. This can help with growth by keeping your face from getting too dry or flaky. However, there are other ingredients in beard oils that may have additional benefits:

Some essential oils have been shown to promote hair growth when applied directly onto the scalp (source). Some examples include argan, jojoba and coconut oil (source).

Vitamin E has also been shown to promote hair growth by strengthening strands from within (source). You'll find this ingredient in many products designed specifically for men's facial hair because it has anti-aging properties as well as being one of nature's best antioxidants.*

How often do you need to apply it?

How often you should apply beard oil depends on the kind of beard you have. If you want to grow a fuller, thicker beard, then apply daily. If you want to keep it short and trim or just maintain the health of your facial hair, apply weekly or every few days.

If your goal is just keeping things looking good without any particular growth in mind (and who wouldn't want their beard looking great?), then applying once every few days should suffice.

What else does beard oil do besides grow the beard?

Beard oil is also great for the skin. It helps prevent beard itch, moisturises the skin, reduces dandruff and acne, dryness and even prevents skin infections.

Beard oil can also help reduce split ends in your beard which is why it's a good idea to use one with a high concentration of jojoba oil or argan oil (both contain natural antioxidants).

Are there any downsides?

There are no downsides to using beard oil. It won't cause any negative side effects, or any bad effects at all! In fact, it's even recommended for people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Beard oil can help you grow a better beard.

Beard oil can help you grow a better beard. Beard oil is designed to soften your facial hair, reduce the itching and irritation of a new beard, and keep it looking healthy and shiny. But did you know that beard oil also helps promote healthier growth?

The reason for this has to do with how our bodies react to stress. When we're under stress (whether it's physical or mental) our adrenal glands secrete hormones called glucocorticoids which cause inflammation throughout the body as part of the natural response to an injury or illness in order to fight off infection or heal wounds faster by increasing blood flow around damaged tissue so that more nutrients can get there faster - but over time these same processes begin attacking healthy cells as well if there's no way for them escape into circulation where they belong! This process leads directly towards accelerated aging effects including greying hair (or lack thereof), thinning skin & wrinkles etc...It also causes problems like dandruff because scalp follicles become inflamed too!


So, does beard oil work? The answer is yes! Beard oil can help you grow a better beard by moisturizing your skin and follicles, which helps them stay hydrated. In addition, it also contains essential oils that have been shown in studies to increase testosterone levels and promote hair growth in both men and women alike. The best part about using this product is that there are no side effects or negative impacts on your health like other supplements might have on long term use because they're all natural ingredients found in nature!