How do you get a V shaped beard?

The trendiest beards of the moment are V shaped. But what exactly is a V shaped beard? And how do you grow and maintain one? We got the answers for you!

What is a V shaped beard?

A V-shaped beard is a style of facial hair that starts at the chin and extends to the cheeks. It's similar to a goatee, but with a shorter chin. The name comes from its resemblance to an upside down V, which is what you get when you draw two lines from your upper lip down onto either side of your face (the bottom point being where it meets your neck).

The Van Dyke beard was popularised by 17th century Dutch painter Anthony van Dyck (also known as "Van Dyke"). Today, this type of facial hair has become synonymous with wealthy gentlemen who want their appearance to make them seem more distinguished.

Growing the V beard

Growing the V beard is the most popular beard style for men. It's a good choice for many face shapes and it's easy to maintain, especially if you have a low growth rate.

The first thing you need to do is decide how long you want your sideburns and chin hair to be. You can leave them as long as possible or trim them down slightly if they get too long (make sure not to go above 1/2 inch). Next, find where your jawline ends by tracing from under each ear down along your jawline until it meets in front of where your chin starts; this should give you an idea of what length will work best on both sides of your face when shaping accordingly later on in this guide!

Maintaining a V shaped beard

If you're looking to maintain a beard, there are a few things that you can do to keep it looking healthy.

The first step is to use a beard oil or balm. These will help moisturise the skin beneath your facial hair and prevent it from becoming dry or flaky. You can use these products in conjunction with other products like waxes and combs.

If you want more control over how thick your beard is, then we recommend using a trimmer or shaver instead of just letting nature take its course over time (this will work best if you have naturally thick facial hair).

Grow and maintain your V shape beard

The first step to getting a V shaped beard is to grow your facial hair out. It's best to start with a clean slate and let it grow until you're happy with the length, then maintain that length with regular trimming.

You can use either a brush or comb to shape your V beard if it's not long enough yet, but once it gets past five inches or so then some type of trimmer will be necessary for maintaining its shape as well as removing any strays from around the mouth area.


Now that you know how to grow and maintain a V shaped beard, it's time to start growing! You can do this by following our tips on how to grow a beard faster and keeping your facial hair moisturised. Remember that patience is key when growing out any type of beard; don't give up after just one month if it doesn't look like what we described here today.