How do you wash your face when you have a beard?

Washing your face with a beard is not as simple as washing your face without one. For example, you can't use regular facial cleanser or soap on your facial hair, because they'll dry out the skin and cause dandruff. You also need to be careful about how long you wash for — certain soaps can strip oils from the skin, causing it to dry out. We've got some tips on how to get your beard clean without drying out your skin or irritating any of the sensitive crevices that are close to the surface of your face (like around your nose and mouth).

Beard washing

It's important to wash your beard, especially if you're the kind of person who actively avoids washing their face. We understand, it’s hard to get in the habit of doing something that wasn't a part of your routine before.

But there are some practical reasons for it:

  • It's good for your skin. Because beards can get dirty and oily from food or smoky rooms (if you smoke cigars), they need a little extra attention when washing up with soap and water. Excess oil and dirt can be removed using a special shampoo or soap made specifically for facial hair grooming—and this will help prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear while preventing dryness, which can lead to ingrown hairs as well as other complications later on.

  • It helps define the beard better than daily shampooing alone would because it cleanses but doesn't strip away too much oil that keeps whiskers soft enough not to scratch against sensitive skin underneath them when they would otherwise rub up against each other too closely due to lack of hydration caused by overly frequent washing off all natural oils that keep smooth down below where it counts most!

Wash a beard

If you’re a bearded man, there are several different ways to wash your face. Some men prefer using beard shampoo and conditioner, which is designed for their hair type. Other guys choose to use facial cleansers or cleansers designed for all-over body use.

Regardless of the method, it’s important to remember that no matter what product you decide to use on your face and beard (whether it be an all-natural soap or a chemical cocktail), always make sure that you thoroughly rinse off all of the product before drying off with a towel or cotton cloth. You don't want any residue left behind when you're done!

How to wash a beard

If you have a beard and are looking to wash it, there are several things you can do:

  • Use shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for beards. These will moisturise, soften and help protect your beard from damage.

  • Apply an oil or balm to keep it soft and conditioned. Oils also help protect against weather damage by sealing in moisture.

  • Brush the hairs out of the way with a bristle brush before washing your face so that they don't get tangled up in each other during the process. A comb can be used as well if needed but is not recommended because combs tend to pull on hair more than brushes do (and therefore cause more breakage).

Wash your face with a beard.

You can wash your face with a beard.

Use a good beard shampoo, and wash it twice per week.

How often should I wash my beard? How do I wash my face with a beard? How do you wash your face with a beard?


Now you know how to wash your face with a beard. Be sure not to get soap in the beard because it can cause breakouts or irritate the skin around the eyes. You might want to consider using a beard-specific soap or shampoo that is designed for use on beards and contains no harmful chemicals like sulphates or parabens which could dry out your skin while leaving behind residue build-up around your facial hair area.