How should I groom my beard for beginners?

If you're new to the world of beards, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many products out there, and they all seem to do different things. What's more, you have to decide what type of beard is right for you: stubble, goatee, muttonchops? And then there's the maintenance! In this article we'll cover everything from washing regularly and trimming your beard down to combing it with a brush – plus tips on how often you should do these things (spoiler alert: not as much as most men think).

Wash regularly.

The first step in grooming your beard is to wash it daily. You can do this by simply rinsing your face with warm water, but if you’re looking for something a little more thorough, a good cleansing bar will work great. We recommend using one that contains ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter—these help moisturise the skin while they cleanse (and they smell great).

Once a week, use a soft bristle brush to make sure there aren’t any dead skin cells sitting around on top of your facial hair. This will help keep everything healthy and prevent breakouts or ingrown hairs from forming on both faces.

Use beard oil and balms.

Beard oil is like a conditioner for your beard. It softens and moisturises the hair, making it easier to style while protecting against dandruff and itchiness. You can use beard oil every day if you want—just use a drop or two on the palms of your hands, rub them together to distribute the oil evenly, then massage it into your beard.

Beard balm is kind of like styling gel for beards: It gives a little hold without feeling crunchy or greasy in any way. Just apply one or two pumps (depending on how big your beard is) onto a damp towel after washing with shampoo and conditioning as normal; then dry off as usual with a dry towel before styling with comb or brush if desired!


In addition to being soft, your beard should be well moisturised. This will help prevent it from getting dry and brittle, which can lead to breakage and split ends. Moisturising is especially important if you have a longer beard because it will prevent the growth of split ends in their early stages.

To keep your skin hydrated, try using a leave-in conditioner or a beard oil or balm before brushing out your beard with a boar bristle brush (which helps follicles stand up straight). You can also use the same products on your face as well!


  • Condition your beard.

You can pick up a beard conditioner online or at a local beauty supply store and apply it to your beard with the comb. Don’t be afraid to really work it in, especially if you have coarse hair that is prone to tangling or breaking off. Leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes before rinsing off any excess with warm water and then patting dry with a towel.

Trim and shape your beard.

  • Trim your beard. You can't just let it grow wild; you need to trim it so that it looks neat and tidy. A good way to get started is with a beard trimmer, which will help you keep the hair on your face trimmed down while still giving you some length that you can shape with scissors or an electric razor later on in the process.

  • Use a comb to make sure all of your facial hair is evened out before trimming at all. If any part of your beard is longer than others, those parts will end up looking pretty odd when trimmed off—so make sure everything's even before using any kind of scissors or blade!

Comb it.

You can use a boar bristle brush, which is made of stiff bristles, or you can use a comb to get your beard in order. If you have curly hair, use the comb to detangle any knots and style your beard as straight as possible. If it's not curly, just run the comb through your beard in the direction that it grows.

If you have a long beard (which most men do), then using the comb will take some time because you'll need to do it in sections along with other grooming tools like scissors and shears if necessary.

Grooming your beard is pretty easy, especially if you follow these grooming tips

Groom your beard like a pro with the following tips:

  • Invest in some beard oil and balms. A good-quality beard oil will moisturise and condition your hair, helping to prevent it from becoming brittle or breaking off. A good-quality balm or wax can help shape your beard and give it definition.

  • Moisturise regularly! Make sure you're washing your face twice daily, especially when you first start growing out a beard (this will help prevent ingrown hairs). If you're using a beard wash, don't skip the moisturising step—it's important that the skin underneath is hydrated as well! If all else fails, just use some regular hand lotion on dry areas before bedtime (just make sure it doesn't have alcohol in it).

  • Trim and shape it at least once per month to keep things tidy—but if you've got sensitive skin don't trim too close to avoid irritation around shaved areas-or visit us at our barber shop for an expert trimming session!


We hope you found this post helpful and we wish you a great future of grooming your beard. Remember, it’s not just about having a cool-looking beard, but also about taking care of yourself and feeling good!