Should I comb my beard up or down?

Beards are back! And it's not just a beard trend—it's practically a lifestyle.

How to groom your beard

There are two ways you can comb your beard: up and down. The way you choose to comb your beard is usually dependent on the length of your facial hair, but there are other factors that could determine how you want to style it.

  • If you have a short beard and want to show off how short it is, then combing your beard down will make it look more pronounced.

  • If you have a long or thick beard, then combing it up will tame its appearance and give it some definition. This also makes shorter beards appear longer by adding height with every stroke of the brush or comb.

  • Combing a long beard down can help control flyaways in areas like the neckline where there isn't as much natural support for keeping everything smooth and clean-looking all day long!

What length is your beard?

If you've got a short beard and want to keep it that way, combing your facial hair down is the way to go. The longer hairs at the front of your face will be caught by the comb and held in place while you style them into place.

On the other hand, if your facial hair gets long enough to cover up most of your neck (and perhaps even some of your chest), then it's time to turn over a new leaf and start combing up instead. Be warned though: this can lead to some pretty bad side effects such as excessive bleeding from nicks caused by stray whiskers or ingrown hairs from over-combing!


In conclusion, it's best to comb your beard up or down depending on the length. If you have a short beard, then you can comb it down because that will give it a fuller look. However if it's long then you should go with an upward motion as this will help keep your facial hair in place while also making it look neat and tidy!