Should I moisturise the skin under my beard?

If you are a man with a beard and have had to deal with the winter weather, then you know how dry and brittle your facial hair can become. Moisturising the skin under your beard is important, as it will help prevent itchiness and discomfort. If you are not conscious about moisturising your beard, you may experience other problems such as flaking of skin or dandruff (beardruff).

Because of winter weather, the skin under your beard is prone to dryness.

This is because of winter weather. In the winter, skin loses its natural oils from the cold and wind—the same way it's harder to get a tan in the dead of winter (so stay inside). For this reason, you may find that your skin under your beard is more prone to dryness.

If you're prone to dry skin on other parts of your face, like around the mouth or forehead, then you're probably already aware that flaky skin can be annoying and uncomfortable. And if you've ever had a particularly bad case of dandruff on other body parts before, then you know how much worse it can make an itch!

Most men are not conscious about moisturising their beard.

Most men are not conscious about moisturising their beard. The reason behind this is that most of us don’t realise the importance of moisturising, or if we do we think that it isn’t something that is necessary and will help with our hair growth.

Winter makes the skin under your beard prone to dryness and you need to make sure that you moisturise on a daily basis to help maintain healthy facial hair. Moisturising ensures that you keep your beard soft, shiny and smooth which in turn makes it look better than before.

A shaving cream or gel can also be used instead of going straight for a razor blade as these products give extra protection against nicks and cuts while shaving which also helps in preventing ingrown hairs from forming under the chin area where most guys tend to have sensitive skin at times due to increased friction caused by different types of razors used during shaving sessions

Neglecting your beard can cause itchiness and discomfort, as well as flaking of the skin.

But this neglect can cause itchiness and discomfort, as well as flaking of the skin. This can also lead to dandruff (beardruff).

Moisturising daily is one of the best ways to ensure that your hair and face remain comfortable during your beard growing period.

Skin is the largest organ of the body.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and has many functions. It acts as a barrier that protects you from external factors, such as bacteria and viruses. Your skin also helps you feel sensations from the world around you through its sensory receptors. It produces hormones that affect your mood and appetite, too!

The main job of your skin is to maintain a healthy environment for all the important organs inside your body like blood vessels, muscles, nerves and bones to do their daily jobs properly. In addition to this, there are many other benefits associated with having good looking beard hair:

The harsh elements can also cause beard itch and dandruff (beardruff).

You may experience beard itch and dandruff (beardruff) due to dry skin.

Beard itch can be caused by dry skin, and that's because your natural oils can't reach your skin if they're trapped in the hair follicles. So, a moisturiser will help keep both your facial hair and the skin under it hydrated—which is especially important for anyone with sensitive or irritated skin.

Dandruff isn't a serious condition, but it does affect up to 20% of men who have beards, according to some estimates! While most people associate dandruff with itching, the truth is that only about half of all people who have it actually experience any form of discomfort from their condition. For those who do notice symptoms like a flaky scalp or redness around their ears or nose area though: don't worry! There are plenty of ways you can treat this mild affliction at home without having to see a doctor or spend too much money on fancy products (but if you do want help finding something specific just get in touch).

Moisturising on a daily basis can help men maintain healthy facial hair.

A lot of men believe that moisturising daily is unnecessary. The idea of applying products to the skin under your beard may even seem counterintuitive, since it's the part of your face that's normally protected from drying air and wind by a layer of hair. But don't be discouraged: daily moisturising can help you maintain a healthy beard, which in turn could make your facial hair last longer between trims.

Moisturising also helps avoid dry skin, itchiness and split ends by keeping the skin under your beard hydrated throughout the day. It can also reduce dandruff caused by dryness or irritation on the scalp.

Using a shaving cream is also recommended.

If you’re a man and you have a beard, then chances are that you know that having one requires some upkeep. The skin under your beard can get irritated if it isn’t taken care of properly. Many men don’t realise this and until they do, they find themselves suffering from dry, itchy patches or even ingrown hairs.

So how can you avoid these problems? First off, use a shaving cream instead of just going straight for a razor blade to shave your face before using moisturising products every day. This will protect your skin from razor burn and prevent ingrown hairs which can be painful and annoying as well as unsightly. Second, make sure that when using moisturising products like lotion or oil that you apply them directly after shaving because otherwise any excess moisture left on the surface of your beard will be absorbed into those dead cells causing irritation which leads us back where we started: dryness!

One should also wash his beard with a shampoo that contains sufficient oils and moisturisers.

One should also wash his beard with a shampoo that contains sufficient oils and moisturisers to soften facial hair and prevent it from becoming overly dry or brittle.

Moisturising on a daily basis can help men maintain healthy facial hair, as well as protect the skin beneath the beard from dryness, itchiness and dandruff (beardruff).

It is not only important that you moisturise your beard but also the skin under it.

It is not only important that you moisturise your beard but also the skin under it. That’s because men who shave daily often have dry skin and irritation due to frequent shaving.

Moisturising the skin under your beard will help keep it soft, supple and healthy in between shaves. You can use a simple facial moisturiser or a specialist product designed specially for men with beards, such as Beard Oil or Beard Balm. If you want to go down the natural route, we recommend using Shea butter which has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin around your face.

If you are going for an extra close shave then wash your face first with an oil free cleanser or specialised shaving foam designed specifically for sensitive skins (this will help prevent ingrown hairs). Use an exfoliating brush before shaving as this helps lift up dead skin cells allowing you to get closer than ever before to achieving that smooth feeling.


Beardruff is a common problem that men face. But it can be managed by following some simple steps like washing your beard with a good quality shampoo and moisturising daily.