What happens if you don't wash your beard?

You might think that washing your beard is an unnecessary luxury. While you may be right, there are some very important reasons why you should still wash your face and neck with a gentle cleanser at least once per week.

Is your beard smelly and greasy?

If you don't wash your beard, then it will become greasier and smellier. This is because the oil on your skin can build up in your beard. The bacteria from your skin will also grow in this environment and cause acne and dandruff as well as body odour.

You should also note that if you have a black beard or one with a lot of grey hairs, it may be difficult to get the colour out of it after washing. This could result in having grey patches on your face for some time until they grow back again.

Your beard can become a home for lice.

  • Lice are tiny insects that can live in your hair and feed off of your blood. They're more likely to be found in children than adults, but they have been known to infect both genders.

  • Lice are not dangerous, but if you find one on your head or beard, it's best to take care of it right away so the problem doesn't worsen. If left untreated, lice will multiply and spread throughout your body—and then can be passed on to other people through shared combs or brushes!

Your skin underneath your beard can get itchy and irritated.

You might think that your facial hair is helping to hold in moisture and keep your skin from getting dry, but there are many factors that can cause irritation underneath the surface of a beard. For example:

  • Beards trap sweat and dirt, leading to itchiness and irritation of the skin

  • Beards interfere with natural oil production on your face, which can make it more prone to dryness or flaking

  • If you still have acne as an adult male, having a beard will be like rubbing sandpaper over your face if you don't wash it regularly

Drandruff in your beard.

Dandruff is a common problem for men who are growing out their beards and not shaving it regularly. It’s caused by an overproduction of dead skin cells on the scalp—exactly what happens when you shave off all of those fine hairs that make up facial hair—plus sweat accumulation and clogged pores. You can treat dandruff using shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for those issues.In addition to its health benefits like calming irritation or preventing ingrown hairs, washing with a good shampoo will also help reduce beardruff (aka flakes in your beard) caused by dryness or buildup of debris on the surface of skin under there (that's why we recommend using something like this deodorant spray beforehand). The natural oils found in shampoo can hydrate skin underneath so it doesn't flake off as much when rubbed between fingers during lathering up before rinsing thoroughly!

Unwashed beards can cause irritation and can make you look untidy.

If you're not washing your beard, it's time to get back in the habit. A study has shown that unkempt beards host lots of germs and can cause skin irritation. Even if your beard is short, regular washes will help keep it clean, which will discourage dirt from building up inside and make it less likely to itch or flake. Washing also helps reduce oiliness and dryness by removing sebum (the oily substance produced by your skin), as well as dead cells that build up on the surface of hair follicles over time.

When you don't wash your beard regularly enough, its surface may appear duller than usual because these dead cells aren't being sloughed off like they should be. If this happens to you often enough—like during an especially long period between shaves—it could lead some people who don't know any better assume that you're homeless or just generally uncared for in general!


So, what’s the best way to keep your beard clean? The key is to use a regular beard cleanser and conditioner that will keep your face clean, reduce itchiness and eliminate problems with dandruff. If you can afford it, consider using one of these products every day or every other day. You may also want to invest in special cleansing brushes designed just for beards—they are very effective at removing dirt from even short bristles!