What is the most attractive length for a beard?

A long beard and a short beard are two very different things. I think we can all agree that the shortest possible beard is one that you forgot to shave off after a few days, but what about longer beards? Do you think they're attractive? In this article, we'll take a look at how beard length affects attractiveness.

What is the most attractive length for a mustache?

  • A research study found that the trendiest mustache length is a medium-length stubble.

  • There are many different types of mustaches, but the most popular ones seem to be:

  • Short and thick (known as the handlebar)

  • Long and thin (the horseshoe)

  • Long and thick (the pencil)

Which beard is most attractive?

The most attractive beard length is one that makes you feel and look good. There's no one right answer. The best beard is the one that reflects your personality and style, while also working with the shape of your face and jawline.

The most attractive beards will have some length to them—but not too much! Length is a matter of personal preference, but it's important to keep things proportional so that your facial hair doesn't overwhelm other parts of your look (like jawlines).

In general, here are a few guidelines for determining which beard length works best for you:

Which beard is considered professional?

A short beard is the most professional choice, but this doesn't mean you have to go completely clean-shaven. A stubble beard will look more professional than a full-on mustache and sideburns, but both options are still better than a full beard.

If you want to grow out your hair so that it covers your entire face, then consider growing out only half of your face—the lower half—and shaving above the jawline and below it. This will give off the appearance of a short beard without requiring all that much maintenance from you!

Which beard is easiest to grow?

All beards are not created equal, and each has its own particular set of pros and cons. Here's what you need to know about growing a beard:

  • Short, stubble-style beards are the easiest to maintain. You may think that the longer your beard grows, the more work it will require in terms of daily maintenance—but this isn't necessarily true! If you're sporting a short haircut on your head, then chances are good that you'll have an easier time growing out a stubble-style beard than someone who has long hair on his head. Stubble is basically just the shortest length of facial hair possible; it doesn't even reach down past your chin line yet could still pass for being "long." If this sounds like something up your alley, don't worry—the only thing left for you to do is give yourself some time before heading off into uncharted territory!

  • Longer facial hair requires more effort in terms of trimming/grooming (though not as much as some people think). Depending on how long your facial hair grows before hitting its limit (which can vary person by person), keeping up with trimming might become something of an annoyance after awhile—but luckily there are ways around this issue if it becomes too much trouble or too expensive on top of everything else going on in life right now! For instance: if all else fails simply switching over from conventional scissors back onto electric trimmers should solve most problems since they take less effort while giving superior results at trimming time hopefully helping save money overall when compared against other methods such as using clippers which tend cost more due mainly because they require more maintenance otherwise becoming unusable after just one use without proper care taken beforehand

Do you want a long beard, or a short beard, or maybe something in between?

  • Long beards are more attractive to women.

  • Short beards are more attractive to men.

  • Medium length beards are more attractive to both men and women.


The answer to this question is a little more complicated than you might think. Not only do you have to consider what style of beard would best fit your face shape and facial hair growth patterns, but also how long it will take for your beard to grow into the length you want. In addition, it’s important that you think about whether or not having a beard makes you feel confident about yourself before making any decisions about what length would be best for your needs.