Where should a beard stop?

Beards are a great way to express your personality. Generally, men with beards look more masculine, mature and confident than those without them. However, if you don't trim your beard correctly it can look messy and unkempt rather than manly and well groomed.

Where should a beard stop?

So, where should a beard stop? While there are no hard and fast rules on this, it's generally accepted that a beard should stop at the jawline. This is because it creates a nice clean line that leads into your neck and makes you look like an adult man who has his life together rather than an unkempt teenager who hasn't learned how to shave yet.

If you want to go for a stubble look instead of one with actual hair growth, then your beard should stop at the neckline. The cheekbones should be left clean and smooth so that no one mistakes you for having some sort of skin condition or unusual makeup style!

The neckline

You're going to want to trim your neckline in a way that makes it look natural.

The best way to do this is by using a trimmer or clippers with an attachment, this will give you more control over where you're cutting, which is important if you don't want an obvious line around your beard.

The cheekbones

The cheekbones are the area just below your eyes and above your chin. This is where many men have a hard time deciding how far their beard should go and often end up with an awkward-looking patch of stubble or hair that doesn't look right.

To define your cheekbones, use an electric trimmer or clippers to shave along the edge of them (where they meet). A line-up comb can help guide you by giving you a straight line to follow when shaving in this area. Then use scissors or an electric trimmer again to trim down any hairs that extend past this line so they're smooth and even with each other this will help create definition between your cheeks and chin

How to trim your beard neckline?

The neckline is one of the most important parts of a well-groomed beard. It's what separates you from looking like a caveman and gives your face shape. If you want people to see the best version of yourself, then it's worth taking some time to get this part right.

The first step is using a trimmer to shave off any stray hairs around your jawline and neckline, making sure there aren't any strays left over before moving onto trimming down the rest of your facial hair with scissors or clippers. You should then comb through all sides so they're neat and even before using an electric shaver (or razor) around each sideburns area until they reach about 1/4 inch above where ear meets head.

A well-trimmed beard with a clear neckline will look great!

A well-trimmed beard with a clear neckline will look great!

The neckline is the line that separates your beard from the rest of your face. It should be clear and well defined, with no stray hairs growing below it. Ideally, it should be at least an inch below the jawline; anything higher can make you look older than intended (and possibly even a little bit like Santa Claus). If your facial hair grows naturally to cover this area completely-or even higher than desired-you may want to consider trimming down before getting started on styling products or shaping techniques that might cause problems later on in life when trying to maintain both facial hair and good hygiene practices.


Now that you know where to trim your beard and how, it's time to get started! We hope this article has been helpful in explaining the different facial hair styles and their variations. If there is anything else we can help with, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.